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The heat has rolled in silently, setting up camp in our backyards, our soccer parks, our sidewalks. Transforming our outdoor spaces, once full of new life and activity, into a sweaty no-man's land of barely breathable air. It's a battlefield worthy of a war, forcing us off the streets to seek refuge in our air conditioned homes, in front of our flat screen televisions tuned to Game of Thrones.

It's the time of year that showering becomes pointless since you'll be drenched in sweat within minutes of walking outside. The kind of weather that only feels good immediately after you shower, without make-up or tight clothing.  Small sources of heat suddenly become sweltering in their additional emanations. The exhaust pipe of a running car. A giant air conditioning unit humming outside a commercial office building. Visible blur rising from a hissing barbecue grill. It’s undeniably hot

Instead of struggling under the summer sun, spend this Friday and Saturday, July 21-22,  refining your skills with Creve Coeur Camera during PhotoPalooza, a 2-day photography convention popping inside CCC’s Olive superstore location (12747 Olive Blvd, Creve Coeur, MO 63141). The best part? The conference, and the numerous classes being taught by leading industry pros are entirely free and open to the public. All you need to do is register! 

Classes are grouped into four sessions daily, allowing attendees to register for a total of 8 free photography education classes during the two day celebration. Learn and shoot alongside instructors from a wide range of backgrounds, specialties, and operating systems. Count on representatives from the some of the industry's biggest players to in attendance, including Panasonic, Canon, Sigma, Olympus, Nissin, Fuji and more. 

PRO-TIP: Wondering which classes to register for your experience level? Creve Coeur Camera has saved you some guess work, ranking each class to better tailor offerings to student skill level: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Whether you're learning how to use your first camera or consider yourself a veteran in the game, CCC has classes that'll make you feel right at home! 

Curious what classes are on my 'must attend' list? Read on for my course schedule, including my tips for getting the most out of Creve Coeur Camera's PhotoPalooza!

Want to see the entire course listing? Click here to read the whole thing! 

PRO-TIP: CCC has overlapped classes in each series in order to make as many classes available as possible. Students are asked to register for only one class per series (8 classes total). Attendees will not be able to enter a class after it starts, and will be discouraged from leaving early in order to attend simultaneous classes. 

10:30 am [Series 1] : "Natural Light with Relectors"  [B/I/A]

Join the Trent Broglin of the CCC team in a hands-on class focused on using reflectors and other objects to perfect the natural lighting in your shots--regardless of the time of day. Appropriate for all skill levels, learn how to easily control sunlight for stunning portraiture! 

1:15 pm [Series 2]: "Making Money Being A Photographer" [B/I/A]

Stephen Weiss, Owner and President of Creve Couer Camera. 

Stephen Weiss, Owner and President of Creve Couer Camera. 

You won't want to miss this open discussion on pricing, equipment, and being profitable with Stephen Weiss, Owner and President of Creve Coeur Camera. As a full time photographer and owner of a chain of photography chains across the Midwest, Mr. Weiss has the experience and credentials to provide listeners with expert advice on the business side of photography. 

3: 45 pm [Series 3]: "Lifestyle Portraits - Hands On Model" [I/A]

Study and remedy common portrait session pitfalls with Randy Kerr,  acclaimed photographer and Westcott Lighting Pro. Kerr will discuss a range of topics, including: scouting shoot locations, modifying light, working in difficult situations, scouting for lens placement, and the vital factors to consider when scheduling your next shoot. Bring your tripod if you have one! 

PRO-TIP: Kerr's resume boasts a unique form of teaching that conveys simplicity and clarity to sometimes confusing photographic terminologies. Do you appreciate a no-nonsense teaching strategy? Make sure you're on his roster! 

6:45 pm [Series 4]: "Using Speedlights/Flashes Outside" [B/I]

Perfect for the external flash novice, this class taught by Bruce Michaelson, 30-year veteran in the game and Nissin Pro, will give students a solid foundation for using flashes outdoors. Often natural sunlight can be too harsh, creating undesired shadows on your subject's face. Don't miss this opportunity to study specific techniques that you can use to create stunning portraiture outdoors with the help of external flashes.

PRO-TIP: Although CCC has been tight-lipped about after-hour activities, you can almost bet there will be impromptu photoshoots and networking going on after classes have ended. Keep your ears open for last minute photowalks and networking mixers!

9:30 am [Series 1] : "Posing for Portraits"  [B/I/A]

Join Suzette Allen and John Yoshinaga, husband/wife duo and Lumix Luminaries, for an outdoor class on capturing a client's style and mood with posing. Taking it up a notch, students will also learn how to create "Moving Portaits," a hybrid portrait product capturing movement. See how utilizing Moving Portraits can step up the storytelling value and impact of your next session! 

PRO-TIP: Feeling left out with your mirrorless camera? In addition over 30 years of on-the-job experience, Allen has also enjoyed teaching students about their hybrid/mirrorless operating systems for the past 3 years. If you've ditched the DSLR, and are looking for specific guidance on your mirrorless set-up, make sure you register for her class! 

11:45 am [Series 2] : "Bridal Portraiture"  [I/A]

Watch and learn from acclaimed St. Louis photographer and CCC team member, Trent Broglin, as he demonstrates techniques for producing beautiful bridal portraiture. Don't miss his tips for creating those magical wedding moments, as well as making the bride feel comfortable on her big day. 

1:30 - 2:30 pm  [Series 3] : Break

There are 4 wonderful classes  to choose from during Series 3, which I've listed below. I've opted to take a break during this time to explore the vendor booths, but if you're staying in class, you can look forward to focusing on one of these topics:

  • "The Eye of a Sports Photographer"
  • "What lens should I use?"
  • "Family Portraiture"
  • "Using Speedlights/Flashes Outside"

3:15 pm [Series 4] : "Speedlight Techniques"  [I/A]

Scott Rovak, veteran sports and commercial photographer of 30+ years, demonstrates the use of various light modifiers such as umbrellas, softboxes, and popular snoots including MagMod and Rogue products. Rovak will discuss wireless options for using multiple flashes, adding colored gels for creating a "mood," and how to use your flash outside to address undesired shadows. Learn how to control your external flash to dramatically improve your photos. Bring your flash if you have it! 

So what are you waiting for? Click here to register for two free days of photography education at Creve Coeur Camera's PhotoPalooza. Don't miss your opportunity to learn and shoot alongside leading industry professionals while visiting with the number one camera store in the Midwest! 



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