Why You Should Cherish Your Old Soul

You've been told you are an old soul. Which is a nice way of saying you have the same tendencies as someone of an older generation. You're not entirely convinced that they're speaking of the sepia-toned, glamorous ages of yore either. Don't be fooled. No, they aren't mentally casting you in Gone With The Wind or Casablanca. They're calling you old.

We are self-proclaimed early birds. There is no shame in our game.

We revel in the intoxicating smells of brewing coffee and new books.  Delight in early morning farmer's markets and the quiet moments before dawn. We adore a good breakfast, and beginning our day with actioned intention. Some exercise, others read or journal or pray. No matter the activity, we savor reflective solitude and cathartic expression in the fleeting minutes before the the world wakes.

We believe that happiness is not found, but rather built, slowly, day by day, through self-care and thoughtful deed. Accept that while we can and do fail often, there is hope and possibility in each sunrise for a new beginning

We are the crusaders of to-do lists, champions of routine, advocates for scheduling. We have lists for books we'd like to read, products we need to try,  places we die to visit. Lists for every major project and endeavor.

There are not many things in the world that we are extraordinarily particular about, but one of them is undoubtedly our bedtime.

Watch as we become cranky from sleep deprivation. Bear witness as we transform from kind, rational beings into evil witches from foreign fairy tales with dark endings. We become resentful without rest, confused when drowsy, and angry when woken unjustly. Sleep is more than necessary. It's primary. 

We treat our bedtime routines with respect and reverence, excitedly pulling back our sheets, and slipping beneath the covers prior to 10pm. We do not struggle with falling sleep. With allowing the dreams we paint to carry us far away from the worries of life.  Nature's perfect escape. 

Of course, we accept that occasionally we will be asked to stay awake past our bedtime by another breed of human. They have the best intentions, with their weeknight commitments and total disregard for adult work hours. And we concede, understanding the importance of friendships that feed the soul.

However, we must remember to keep moving. Netflix & Chill is really just code for Snooze & Chill for someone finding the ambiance all too inviting.

We possess a passion for delicious food, anticipating our meals as we fantasize about retirement during our actual jobs since we're nowhere near the age of 65. We dream of seconds that don't whiz by. 

Of minutes passed lingering on all the books we haven't read. Of weeks savoring all the food we've stopped ourselves from eating. Of months finally relinquishing the rules of polite society. Of years soaking in the full expanse of time and being

We take no issue with eating dinner at 5:30pm, after walking through the door, and wearily kicking off our dusty boots. It's been a long day, and we're starving. Besides, early dinners go hand-in-hand with early bedtimes.

We've steadily incorporated over-sized sweaters and comfortable clogs into our everyday look. Decided against frying our hair, opted to apply less makeup instead of more. We have chosen to stop breaking down our bodies into contorted shapes for the sake of desirability. 

We habitually tackle crafting projects, attempting each with varying levels of success. Believing, at the most basic level, that there is nothing beyond our creative grasp. We've dabbled in competitive baking, knitting, needlepoint, and quilting. Studied candle making, container gardening, scrap-booking, and recycling reclaimed drift wood. We consider each endeavor a notch in our belt, a testament to our craftiness.

We've learned to hold on to those who lift us up, and silently remove those who cause more harm than good. More anguish instead of joy.  

While our friends tremble at growing older, we understand that the only way in which to progress is by moving forward. Aging is an adventure we welcome with open hearts. 

Old souls delight in being life-long students. We commit to staying vigilant in the pursuit of knowledge, regardless of age or experience level.

And while we acknowledge that we may never find the answers to our heart's deepest calling, we commit to exploring every nook and cranny of this earth until we do.