I am the wellness champion

I am the wellness champion in our small nine person office. I know, you're quite impressed. I graciously volunteered when our corporate Human Resources office sent out the memo introducing us to their sparkling new wellness program, HumanaVitality. Although my role requires very little work beyond disseminating information, I like to remind my coworkers of my superior wellness position whenever possible. All joking aside I'm looking forward to using the free resource as an aid in my training. What's more we started a 30 day step challenge among the Saint Louis nine, and my motivation has been reignited by our healthy competition! 

However, the weather in Saint Louis these past two days has no regard for me or my plans for a stellar morning run. Each morning I woke to soft raindrops hitting the roof, the sky dreary and unforgiving. Usually my two Doberman Pinschers would be waking me for our run, but instead they are fast asleep on the couch. Even they know what the sound of rain means: no run.

Somehow I was able to stay on the treadmill for 5 miles this morning, a feat surprising for even me. As for many others, running on the treadmill is mostly torturous after 20-30 minutes, but I knew I couldn't miss out on mileage if I was going to earn office place bragging rights. The step challenge goes on rain or shine, and so too must I! 

I look forward to focusing more intently on my fitness goals this month and beyond as the temperatures cool. After my last timed race, the Susan G. Komen race this past June, I've been itching for more of the action! Prior to training with my Doberbabies, I struggled as a speed runner. "Just put one foot in front of the other," was my mantra and my measure of success was whether I made it to the finish line without tapping out. There is nothing wrong with this goal, and many days I revert back to this "just finish it" mentality, but I've been able to move onto longer and faster runs with the help of my four-legged training buddies. Let's just say, you either keep up with the Doberbabies or they pull you along!

I'm thrilled to report I've registered for the I <3 Forest Park 5k on Sunday, August 28th.

I've had my gym bag for a few years--a purple LuLulemon yoga bowler zip up that I pined after for months before purchasing. I imagined all of the yoga classes I would attend, my beautiful bag over my shoulder, my high pony tail whipping back and forth as I walked into class. Warning, folks. The bag sat in my closet for six months before I ever took it to a yoga class; the bag does not a woman make! However, a stylish bag can't hurt things, and when I started working out on a daily basis again my special bag gave me something to look forward to. 

I heard a quote once that said successful people in fitness do not have an "all or nothing" mentality. It has become an important mantra for me over the past couple years as I've shifted my focus to focusing on lifelong, sustainable health.  Do what you can with today, right now. Small changes are much more impactful to your life than choices that are made out of desperation for quick results. 




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