Listen up, ladies!

Are you a female musician or a female involved in the music industry? Have you been searching for a group of supportive, like-minded gals to network and grow with? Music Biz Besties is a fast-growing community of 1000+ female musicians and industry leaders across the country, focused on providing resources and growth opportunities to its members. While the group started in Nashville, Tennessee, it's since spread to New York, Orlando, London, Toronto, and now Saint Louis!

Katherine Forbes pioneered the Music Biz Besties in November 2016, and it's taken off like wildfire, more than tripling its membership in a just a few months. The group hosts weekly discussions on marketing for musicians, social media strategies, common industry issues, and much more. They even have a job forum on their website, where members can search for open positions in the industry and/or add an available job opportunities!

Be a bestie! Membership only requires that you promote an inclusive environment focused on opportunity, friendship, learning & sharing, community & music:

1. Opportunity • Find and share co-writes, open mic spots, jobs, etc.

2. Friendships • Invite your friends to join and also make new ones here in the group!

3. Learning & Sharing • Let's support each other. We're all on this journey together! 

4. Community • Don't be afraid to ask a question or share a failure. We're here to support you.

5. Music • Let's stay on topic. This group is all about rising the tide in the music biz.

Ready to be a part of the hippest new group in town?

The Saint Louis chapter's recently formed, and our planning our second meeting now. Visit the link below to join the secret Music Biz Besties Facebook Group to keep up with all the news and events!

Click here to sign up for Music Biz Besties' Facebook Group!